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How to Style Luxury Streetwear Clothing?

Luxury streetwear clothing incorporates luxury and comfortable clothing. It takes inspiration from skater style and hip-hop culture. Followers of this type of clothing go to great lengths just to obtain limited-edition sneakers, hoodies, shirts, etc. If you’re intrigued by this type of clothing, you might wonder how you style it. This post will show you some tips. 

Tips to Styling Luxury Streetwear Clothing

A huge part of luxury streetwear is buying and selling those items that are produced in limited quantities. But no matter how you procure this type of clothing, here are some tips you can follow to style it. 

  • Buy the Right Sneakers. They are a vital part of a streetwear look. If you wish to style just one clothing item, then make sure that you have several pairs of sneakers. 
  • Be Loyal to a Brand. It’s an important part of the culture. In that case, it’s rare to see a streetwear fan to be layering different brands of streets in one outfit. If you’re still trying out this type of clothing, you may want to stop by Les Fantome Palette and browse its collection
  • Try baggy clothes. Proportions are big in streetwear. Aficionados love wearing loo-befitting garments, baggy denim, and oversize sweatshirt. Even though they are breaking the rules of proportion, they are doing so to make them fashionable. And it worked. 
  • Be true to yourself. Streetwear may seem to have a lot of rules to follow. But remember that true streetwear clothing is all about being yourself. Don’t worry about combining things unexpectedly. 

What Streetwear to Wear to Stand Out? 

Loose-Fitting Clothes

They are a staple in any streetwear wardrobe. But you need to understand that loose and baggy are two different things. The former sags but is well-fitted. If you want to show off a streetwear style, it’s a great idea to wear a loose-fitting top with skinny or well-fitted pans. A loose and fitted style will help you get a laid-back yet deliberate look. You can try this outfit. But remember though that loose and fitted combination doesn’t always require a hoodie. You can always choose any shirt and trousers combination. 

Choose Bright Colors 

Streetwear lets you play with a lot of colors. Many people love streetwear clothing because they can be creative. They can choose to wear from bright to retro to neon. But no matter what colors you choose, you need to have fun with the combo. Opt for the colors that work for you and the colors have to match properly.

Luxury Streetwear Clothing

Wear Athletic Wear

This is another modern, luxury street fashion trend. Pay attention to it. Different brands offer such clothing. But if you want to stay true to luxury streetwear, opt for this brand. Les Fantome Palette offers cool and luxury shirts, jackets, pants, and many more. Choose any of the items that you can match the outfit that you wish to showcase. Start shopping for luxury streetwear clothing here.
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