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Luxury Streetwear That Gets Noticed Properly

Do you want clothes that stand out from the rest? Are you tired of feeling like you blend into the background, that you aren’t seen as you would like to be? That’s what we’ve tried to do since the beginning. All of our garments have been conceived through the demands of the public. Through our LA pop-up events and others, we’ve been able to meet our customers. That’s enabled us to feed off of their collective inspiration, to be able to provide a kind of luxury streetwear that better suits them. 

By the Experts 

Our customers aren’t the only party who speak about our streetwear. For example, our work was recently featured in “Fashion Week Daily.” They had encountered our work at the recent New York Fashion Week. We’re grateful for any exposure like this because it enables us to be able to put what we work on in front of more people. They singled out the “Planter’s Jacket Emerald” from our Capsule 3.0, which is just one of the many pieces that we’re currently offering. 

By Anyone 

That said, we don’t take any marching orders from “the experts,” of course (while we are glad to receive their publication and praise). We do listen to, instead, our customers. Hence, the need for high-quality printed products. That’s just one portion of the equation - the other is intense detail. By combining both, we’re able to provide a higher-quality product - all on 100% cotton fabric. 

Luxury Streetwear

“Closer to Reality” 

In “It’s Liquid,” a sort of press release congregator, our founder K. Nkansa laid out the principles behind the products that we offer. Specifically, “if it’s too perfect, then I’ll alter it because that brings it closer to reality.” Yes, we want to be able to offer luxurious, fashionable streetwear, the kinds of products that people feel great wearing. However, we don’t offer anything “pristine,” or “perfect.” That’s not true to real life or the human journey. Instead, we offer unorthodox pieces that address mental health, what it means to mask to cover what’s inside, and create something from those dark episodes of doubt in one’s life. 

Luxury Streetwear

You can see for yourself what makes up Capsule 3.0. Dark moods may go into our garments, yes, but you’ll also find plenty of vibrant palettes and bright colors. By appealing to our customers’ senses and the personal evolution of their style, we’re able to provide clothing that they can wear in practically any situation all year long. You can find Capsule 3.0 and more for yourself right here. 

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