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Military Style Jackets and More From Les Fantome Palette

Have you been looking for military style jackets that fit into your look? Are you looking for something that feels genuinely new that’s still stylish? Les Fantome Palette offers several of these kinds of jackets as well as plenty of other forms of unique luxury streetwear. We don’t use the word “unique” lightly. Indeed, every single piece that we offer has small details that are unique to that piece and that piece alone. Thus, no two pieces are alike. What you buy from us is exclusive to just you. 

Military-Style Jacket: a Patch and a Statement

One of the popular jackets from the Les Fantome Palette AW21 is the “Packable Goose.” As warm as it is stylish, it’s perfect for any time of year, but especially now as fall fades into winter. If you look on the left breast, you’ll find a patch with a faded skull and crossbones. The skull and crossbones can represent death, it can represent piracy, it can be a sign that something is dangerous and hazardous, to be avoided. Studies have shown that it came from the Late Middle Ages, as both a symbol of death and a “memento mori.” The latter is an artistic, symbolic reminder of death’s inevitability. 

military style jackets

Luxury Streetwear with Meaning 

Everything that you wear has some meaning for you, even if (perhaps especially if) you redefine it for your own life. For example, we offer a t-shirt that has on the back: “by now you know what I liked most was the hunt, the challenge of what the thing was. The ____ for me was secondary.” As you may know, that’s a quote from Richard Kulinski, the “Ice Man,” a long-time contract killer for the mafia. The rest of the quote is: “I got no rise as such out of it… for the most part. But the figuring it out, the challenge, the stalking and doing it right, successfully, that excited me a lot. The greater the odds against me, the more juice I got out of it.” 

What We Offer 

Obviously, wearing this shirt does not mean that you condone a contract killer. Everyone faces challenges in their day to day life. To get more “juice” out of having great odds against you is something to be celebrated, as is succeeding at something that matters to you. Many of the pieces that we offer have been described as drawing “inspiration from moments of ambiguity, when emotions are amplified and feelings of doubt, anxiety, or pain emerge.” We offer many different pieces that can provide clarity even from ambiguity.  

Les Fantome Palette 

As of this writing, the AW21 Capsule has recently become available. As with all of our other currently offered pieces, you can find them on our website. So shop today for any of our incredible pieces. Additionally, you can follow us on Instagram to see what we’re currently working on and much more. 

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