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Luxury Streetwear Clothing for Where the Journey Takes You

Have you been looking for streetwear that’s of a higher caliber? Do you want luxury streetwear yet the definition of “luxury” many use feels like it’s lacking? We don’t believe that “streetwear” and “luxury” are diametrically opposed, opposites, or anything of that ilk. Les Fantome Palette is dedicated to providing the highest quality streetwear that people are actually going to want to wear anywhere they might go.

“Rebellious Fashion”

If you read the bio on our site, you’ll see that we designed Les Fantome Palette to endorse “the epitome of rebellious fashion.” We believe that fashion should feel like a rebellion, as if you’re rebelling against something. If you want to go along with what everyone else is doing, well, there’s plenty of other fashion lines out there for you to choose from. Les Fantome Palette, on the other hand, is a response to that, something different, that speaks to something a bit contrarian in all of us. That’s not to say that we reject culture, fashion, or anything like that. Rather, we stand apart, offering something different.

A Definition of Streetwear

This study from Pricewaterhouse Cooper about the “Streetwear Impact Report” is interesting for multiple reasons. One of the most fascinating parts of the report is its section about how streetwear brands derive value. They say that while this value “is derived from a range of sources, including product quality and ensign, celebrity followers, musicians, and artists. But, arguably, no factor is perceived to be as important as authenticity, garnered by relating directly to the customers buying the products.” That’s certainly the way it’s been for us. We always listen to our customers, what they want, what they need, and even a bit of what they’re concerned about. That’s visible in our clothing.

The Meaning of Luxury

Too often, people read the word “luxury” as synonymous with “expensive.” Yes, luxury items in all industries are typically more expensive than those which are not. However, we don’t believe that that should be how we define “luxury” here at Les Fantome Palette. We believe that “luxury” is in the design, in the comfort of the clothing and how it makes you feel, as well as the materials that the clothing is made of. Those are all important factors for luxury, too. That’s what makes something truly luxurious, the kind of thing that someone wants to wear again and again.

Luxury Streetwear

Les Fantôme Palette

The above is just a few of our thoughts about streetwear and its relationship to luxury. However, we don’t believe that streetwear should be something that you always (or perhaps exclusively or even mostly) should wear in situations befitting luxury clothes. We take great pride in offering the kinds of clothes that people just want to lay back and chill in, too. During this time of year (and really, any other) our clothes are perfect for relaxing, whether it’s with those you care about or by yourself. To see all we offer and shop our collection visit the online shop.

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