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Luxury Streetwear for a Job Interview: Is It ideal?

Wearing luxury streetwear during a job interview can be tricky. Remember that one of the things that HR people will first notice about you is your clothing. Then, they see your shoes and their brand. If you’re a man and you carry a man purse, they’ll notice that too. If you show up in an interview with luxury items, they might think you’re overqualified. 

Should You Risk Wearing Luxury Streetwear During a Job Interview? 

It depends on what type of job you’re being interviewed for. If you want to work in the high fashion industry, then wearing luxury streetwear is a must. Remember that people react to you depending on the brands you wear. They’ll give you preferential treatment if you wear the luxury logo, as long as it’s not a competitor’s logo. 

luxury streetwear

Wear It for a Publicity Job

If you’re interviewing for a publicity job, then wearing this type of clothing can be a plus. According to Forbes, “It turned out that the students preferred to work with the luxury-brand candidate for a publicity job, but picked the non-luxury-brand candidate for the human-resources job. “People were choosing based on whether status or warmth was necessary” for the job, Mr. Cannon says.”

What You Wear Can Say a Lot About You

Times have changed and many employers have now adopted their employees wearing a shirt and sneakers in the office. Unfortunately, most employers still expect their interviewees to look polished during the interview. They will still judge you based on your nice suit. They will evaluate you whether or not you can represent their company just by looking at the clothes you wear. 

Casual Workplace 

Interviews are regarded as special events. Thus, you need to put effort into your outfit. You may come in a suit if you’re interviewing for a managerial job. In a tech company, though, you can dress up in luxury streetwear but not a full suit. Your best bet is to wear a suit coat with a pair of pants. Don’t wear a tie. People will remember you if you look polished. 

Business Professional 

To be safe, you might want to wear business professional attire. Even though you might not be wearing one if you get accepted for that job, it’s still a safer choice. You must also remember that your clothes are just some of the factors that HR people will notice. There are other things that they look for when they interview you. You can still ace the interview whether you wear luxury clothes or not. 

Be Warmth 

You can wear luxury streetwear during a job interview. But don’t be flashy. Instead, wear something casual with a professional touch. Project warmth. You can ace the interview by selling your skills. And you must not underestimate the value of a smile.

If you’re looking for luxury streetwear for a job interview for a high fashion job, browse our collection here.
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