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Rebellious Fashion Made Accessible

Have you been searching for rebellious fashion that actually feels, well, rebellious? When you look at clothing that says it’s “rebelling” against something, doesn’t it just seem like it’s all kind of the same? Les Fantome Palette was specifically designed to be the very definition of rebellious fashion. It looks great and has an even better message. From the days of being an exclusive LA pop-up shop through today, it’s always been about bringing that rebellious vision in line with international fashion hubs, forever emphasizing eccentric designs and their inherent freedom. 

Phantasmal Designs 

If you’ve gone to our site, you might have seen that we describe ourselves as questing for “premium fabric, phantasmal designs, and street art as a priority to produce quality garments.” “Phantasmal” means, technically, pertaining to or having the nature of a phantasm. What that means is that it’s something illusory, spectral, with an unreal quality to it.  “Dreamlike” could also work here as well. A phantom, as you probably know, can be an apparition, like a ghost. But, it can also be a creation of the imagination, a mental image or representation of something that’s real, or even an illusory likeness of something. That’s in all of our designs. 

A Muse for the Ages 

We also describe dark metal streetwear with a final luxury product as our “muse.” If you know your Greek mythology, then you know that the muses were nine sister goddesses. Their realm was songs, poetry, and the arts. It was their purview, watching over everything. The more modern definition of “muse” is essentially a source of inspiration, something that inspires you in anything that you do. Our muse guides us to create this clothing. We hope that this clothing inspires you in some small way to do what you want to do, as well. 

Fashion, Ideas, and Materials 

All of this talk of “phantasmal designs” and “muses” would be trite if it weren’t backed up by quality fashion and materials. Those are just some of the reasons that our collection includes high-quality printed products, each with intense detail on 100% cotton fabric. Our valuable customers deserve no less. Each of our items are truly vogue, individually-styled streetwear fashion hats, shirts, bottoms, sweatshirts, tees, and jackets. We just released our second capsule. You can find all of those pieces on our site. Yes, we’re already hard at work on the next one. 

Rebellious Fashion

Rebellious Fashion Today and Tomorrow 

So much of the foundation of what we do comes from youth. Youthful imaginative ideas, youthful American energy. By combining that with the energy of dark metal fashion as well as European extravagant street style, we’ve created a luxury streetwear product that integrates quality garments with dark art. Our pieces are currently available at pop-ups but, we understand if you can’t get out to LA just for them. To that end, you can find all of our pieces at our site. Currently, we’re offering 10% off of your first order if you sign up for our newsletter. So, shop our collection today.

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