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What Does the Culture Streetwear Represent?

Culture streetwear is not defined well. But, generally, it can mean casual clothing worn by the youth. However, it also represents people, their music, art, and fashion that they love. Fashion itself and overall is a way for people to express the things they associate themselves with the most. The importance of this style is to portray the high-spirited community of the youth. 

What Is Streetwear Culture

No one knows who makes it a trending topic. However, streetwear is described as casual clothing commonly found on the streets. In the 80s, people started to wear casual clothing to a party. Then, a decade later, people began to wear casual clothing even for special occasions. The late Michael Jackson was known to wear casual clothing in his music videos. In that era, what these superstars wore influenced the youth. It has set the trend known as streetwear. 

When Did Streetwear Start? 

There are a lot of theories. But many people believe it started between the 1940s and 1960s. People who were born in those years came of age in the 1980s when various reforms happened. It changed the perceptions of young adults. They have become more focused on their careers allowing them to dress for success on working days. 

However, on the weekend, they wore casual clothes while they were running errands. The use of sophisticated clothing waned because of various factors. In the 1980s, African Americans started to embrace their cultural icons by wearing sportive clothes so they began wearing hoodies and saggy pants or even the Air Jordan shoes that became so popular around that time, too.

Streetwear in the 2010s

In this decade, streetwear touched every part of fashion. That is, it did not only focus on casual wear but it also included athletic wear and luxury wear. As a result, various people around the world are more than ready to get their hands on exclusive items like these now. They invest in a limited pair of sneakers. And so, this decade saw an increase in luxury streetwear. 

Comfort and Functionality 

Today’s streetwear is more about comfort and functionality. These two things are more vital to people today when they shop for clothing. With the pandemic, more and more people are embracing sustainable fashion and opting for multi-purpose styles. And you can see this trend rising even in runways around the world. For instance, you can see oversized graphic shirts trending again. Boyfriend-fit jeans are also making a comeback with many celebrities wearing them all the time. 

Culture Streetwear

Changing the Streetwear Industry

Social media growth has really changed the streetwear industry. A-list celebrities and influencers are posting their casual looks on their social media accounts. They are making streetwear more popular with these actions. These people started to encourage their followers to embrace the style in their own ways. 

What is the Future of Streetwear? 

The streetwear culture will still change. However, it is moving toward a style that embraces casual wear to express individuality and unique style. With this style of clothing, people can easily mix and match their old pieces to create a unique style. 

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