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Luxury Streetwear That Gets Noticed Properly

Do you want clothes that stand out from the rest? Are you tired of feeling like you blend into the bac...

How to Create a Day to Night Look with High Fashion Los Angeles?
Do you know the ways high fashion Los Angeles can create a day look to night look? Here are some tips to consider. Or shop your look here.
Luxury Streetwear for a Job Interview: Is It ideal?
Is it bad to wear luxury streetwear for a job interview? Find out the answer here. Shop Les Fantome Palette for a more appropriate look.
How to Look Amazing in Parisian Street Style?
Need tips to nail a Parisian street style? Here are some things to consider. Or if you wish to build this style, shop or browse our collection.
Need to Update Your Streetwear Wardrobe? — Here Are Some Tips
Updating your streetwear wardrobe is as easy as following these tips. Click here to find out more or shop our collection.
A Culture of Streetwear, A Culture of Humanity

Have you been looking for streetwear that represents who you are? When you look at the current culture streetwear, do you see something that’s had all of the cultures drained out of it so that it feels like you’re only looking at something corporate? If so, you aren’t alone. Indeed, that’s part of what caused us to design Les Fantome Palette in the first place. Here, you can find the kind of streetwear that fits your style no matter where you are.

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Luxury Streetwear Clothing for Where the Journey Takes You
Have you been looking for streetwear that’s of a higher caliber? Do you want luxury streetwear yet the definition of “luxury” many use feels like it’s lacking? We don’t believe that “streetwear” and “luxury” are diametrically opposed, opposites, or anything of that ilk. Les Fantome Palette is dedicated to providing the highest quality streetwear that people are actually going to want to wear anywhere they might go.
Parisian Street Style in the Streets of LA
Are you looking to expand the “street style” in your wardrobe? Do you want new pieces, new tops, new bottoms that actually look and feel, well, new? That’s what we offer. Here at Les Fantome Palette, we offer rebellious fashion that will stand out in any environment, no matter where you wear it. While we do believe that our clothing is “rebellious,” we do have any number of influences, of styles that our clothing is built and based upon. One of those: Parisian street style. That, perhaps as much as anything else, is in Les Fantome Palette’s DNA.
Just a Sample of Our Streetwear
Do you want California streetwear that you would actually want to wear somewhere? Does it feel like so many “fashionable” pieces are actually anything but? At Les Fantome Palette, our clothing is an artistic statement, the epitome of rebellious fashion. All of that having been said, it's something that will look good on you, too. All of the artistic statements in the world don’t mean much if they're on clothing no one enjoys wearing. Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the pieces from some of our recent collections.
How to Dress Parisian Street Style for Work?
Paris is Europe’s “old soul.” Parisian street style is an ageless interpretation of fashionable. In other words, it makes everything simple yet elegant. What clothes to wear to dress like a Parisian man? And where to find them? Keep reading to find out more.
What Defines Italian Street Style?
When it comes to fashion, Italian street style always comes on top. It’s difficult to describe what it is exactly how Italian men choose to dress up that sets them apart. Their style can be instantly recognized. That is, they look smart. 
Is Knit Sweater High Fashion?
It’s that time of the year when you need to revisit your closet and find the fall staples, including coats, boots, and knit sweaters. In this post, let’s talk about the fashionable knit sweater. Is it even considered high fashion?
How to Style Luxury Streetwear Clothing?
Luxury streetwear clothing incorporates luxury and comfortable clothing. It takes inspiration from skater style and hip-hop culture. Followers of this type of clothing go to great lengths just to obtain limited-edition sneakers, hoodies, shirts, etc. If you’re intrigued by this type of clothing, you might wonder how you style it. This post will show you some tips.
A Home for Innovative Streetwear with Luxury Design
Les Fantome Palette. If you’re looking for something that’s just like everything else, we’re probably not for you. But, if you want unique streetwear with luxury design, that can fit just about any experience or lifestyle, then we have you covered.
Military Style Jackets and More From Les Fantome Palette
Have you been looking for military style jackets that fit into your look? Les Fantome Palette offers several of these kinds of jackets as well as plenty of other forms of unique luxury streetwear.

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